Sunday, July 13, 2008

We want to buy a 4wd

After much deliberation, Adam & I are ready to buy a 4wd. Well not really buy, we are going to lease it. For months Adam has researched them and decided on the 2008 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series. I'm not at all keen, but that is what he wants.

Here is the photo of the Cruiser, (wer'e not getting a boat, but its the best photo I could find).

I quite like the front end, but TBH, I think the back looks like an old cruiser or jackeroo. We drove to Chullora yesterday to look at one, (it was the only one in NSW), and took it for a test drive. It drives like a truck, well Adam said it is a truck, so what did you expect. But, it was uncomfortable, and rough. I don't like it.

Anyways, we get back to the dealership, and he says do you want to look at the Prado? I was like "Yes please", I had stopped looking at Prado's over a month before, as Adam doesn't like them. So I went and sat in one, Oh my, it was beautiful. (If you can call a 4wd that, lol). It was so comfortable, it had air conditioning (the Cruiser it was an optional extra "$2500" extra), and cup holders, lol.

Here is a photo of the Prado.

So anyway, we came home very undecided. Adam still wants his Cruiser, I still want the Prado.

Later that night, I went out for dinner with some friends, and when I came home, he had printed out all the spec sheets on the Prado (Yay, he's coming round). And has started comparing them. He still isn't happy that the Prado is only 4 cylinder, (the Cruiser is a V8), but I am hoping he will get over that.

He rang this morning, and said we can go test drive one next Saturday (Yay).

So I'll keep you posted.

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Julz said...

Hey advice..for what its worth...GET A PRADO!!!!
I drive one...i lub it!!The best car ever!