Saturday, July 5, 2008

Harrison 8 months old

Here's a couple of photos I have taken this week, with my new Canon 50mm lense.

He is starting to be so funny, he smiles and laughs at most things, and is constantly chatting away. He will eat absolutely anything too. The second photo was taken on my Birthday, (will post some birthday pics later on) after dinner, in his portable high chair.


Anonymous said...


I just saw you had a blog, I lvoe it! There are so many yummy recipes, that cheeseckae one looks divine... Do you make up the recipes yourself? Clever girl!

Thanks for putting my blog up, I didnt even know. That's so nice of you!! Harrison is so big now, he looks so much like you!

Bec xx

Anonymous said...

please excuse typos... terrible!

Kat said...

Hi Bec,

I usually start with a recipe, but am not good at sticking to them, usually adding a few extras and omitting others, lol.

Harrison is getting alot bigger now, just over 8kg's.

Hope you are coming up this way sometime soon.


Rachel said...

Ooh I adore those piccies Kat. He is such a divine boy.