Monday, December 21, 2009

In the Night Garden Cake

My little man turned 2 recently, and I struggled as to what cake to make for him. Then one day he was watching tv and this show came on. He got so excited, so that made my mind up for me.

It ended up being such a rush job, I started decorating the cake at 6.30pm the night before his party. It was also the same weekend as the previous posts Wedding, I won't do that again.

Everyone loved the cake, all Harrison wanted was to lick the icing off the character's feet, lol.

6" + 9" Chocolate mud cakes, covered in vanilla buttercream. Plastic figurines & fondant details.

Naomi & Craig's Wedding

Woohoo, my quote was accepted, and they chose the cupcake with the monogram and the little flower.

I even went to the venue and set the display up, so I got to see the beautiful venue, it was divine.

6" cutting cake was chocolate mud cake.
100 cupcakes were half white and half dark chocolate mud.
All topped with white chocolate buttercream.
Monogram topper was made of acrylic and made by Bride's father.

NRL Cake

Archie's Mum & Dad work with my Husband, and are Newcastle Knights fanatics, so when it came to his 1st Birthday cake thats what they chose as the theme.

I hadn't used an edible image before, and I didn't want it to look like it had come from the local bakery / cheesecake shop. I was quite happy with the end result, as were Archie's parents.