Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm so excited!

Yay! Like the title says, "I am so excited" I have just ordered my new kitchen toy! I need an emoticon for happy dance, lol.

I have wanted one for ages, and have been tossing up which one to buy. I have decided on this one, as it has a bigger motor, and comes with extra attachments. I shopped around and got a good price from a catering supplier in Erina, and they do free delivery. Double Yay! It will make cakes and icing so much easier. As my poor little hand held mixer cops a hiding!

The manager of the store thinks she may be able to get it to me by Friday, but if not Monday.

It was sorta scary spending so much money on one thing, Adam buys expensive things all the time, so I thought why not. And my tax cheque paid for it, well nearly all of it anyway.

I will take a photo of it set up when it arrives.

Ooh what to make first?

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Jessica said...

I am so excited for you. I have the small version, not the professional series. I've been thinking about upgrading though :). Let me know how you like it. I found your link on the daring bakers website. I love cupcakes too.