Friday, October 9, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

I have closed my books for October, and November, as I completely booked out. I can't believe it, I have never been so busy.

As well as all my cake orders, I have changed jobs. I have left my job of nearly 10 years with Dick Smith Electronics, and have joined up as a Merchandiser with Telstra. I have wanted to be a Merchandiser for quite a while, but these jobs are few and far between. They aproached me, so I couldn't be happier. It also works in quite well with Harrison. It is 5-8 days per month, very flexible (I set my own roster). harrison has started at a local childcare centre, one day per week, and he still goes to my parents house another day per week. I have been trying to cram all my work into the 5 days, so that I get 3 days per month to myself :o)

Ok, I had better go,
More cakes to come soon xox

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