Friday, January 9, 2009

Strawberrylicious Cupcakes

Last Sunday a friend called and asked me to make some cupcakes for her twin daughters 5th Birthdays. When asking what they would like, I found that like most kids they didn't like the same things. So we decided on 6 chocolate & 6 strawberry flavoured ones. Afterwards I remembered I don't have a strawberry cupcake recipe. So off I searched, and I finally found one. I had to adapt it a fair bit, but the final result was Oh so good! I have named them:

My Strawberrylicious Cupcakes

I am so sorry I know I am so mean, but I can't share this recipe, as it will be one of the one I will be making to sell.

These were my test run, I will be back later with photos of the ones I make for the twins.


Delilah said...

Those look sooo good!

Ceci said...

Yum these look so good! drool....